A statement from Masralarabias editors

Mr. Adel Sabry, The Editor-in-Chief

During five years of our working in the field of electronic media, we used to act as the reader's eyes, ears and tongue. We conveyed his voice as well as revealed new horizons on his behalf, using our cameras and pens to tell him the plain truth.( “The scout doesn't lie to his people").


As press is naturally characterized by its troubles, we willingly paid the price of sticking to our professionalism.


We dedicated our time for you and endured great pain in order to achieve such a goal.


It is our profession which we carry its flame keeping in mind our love for this country and journalistic passion.


During the 5 years, license censorship detectives visited us more than 6 times, in addition to the insurance authority and other inspection bodies.


Every time, they revised all papers and scrutinized every detail.


They assured that everything is legal, from the licenses of our computers' applications to the company’s permission and its legal status.


Every time, we proved the accuracy of our papers and legal status.


Last Tuesday, April 3rd we thought that it will be just another time of usual inspection when license censorship detectives raided our office, about 3 pm, but their visit took a long time, and we were not able to work naturally before we reach the surprising moment, when they closed our headquarter taking with them Mr. Adel Sabry, The Editor-in-Chief, to Dokki police station saying that we lack what they called "municipal license to practice our work", forbidding us from doing our job and mission.


And in spite of the fact that the Internal Ministry's statement about the raid mentioned the same reason(lack of permission), the prosecution surprised us Thursday night, April 5th by its decision to imprison our Editor-in-Chief 15 days, pending on the investigation related to four new charges which differ completely from the main focus of the investigation during the previous two days.

In the face of this strange scene, we, Masralarabia's editors, would like to stress the following points:



1-Masralarabia have practiced electronic journalism job for 5 years and achieved a widespread fame. Its motives and inks are derived from the Nile, defending the country according to its journalistic role, like every patriotic person. along those years, the license censorship detectives visited Masralarabia many times, and scrutinized its papers to assure that the website is operated by an 100 % Egyptian shareholding company which has the permission of the Egyptian Ministry of investment giving us the legal status to work without any breach of law.  

2- though the internal ministry statement, posted in its official page) indicated that the matter does not exceed some administrational permission (in spite of having the necessary one), we complain about the slowness of the procedures causing the continuous closure of our office and the detention of the Editor-in Chief.


3- Raiding and closing our headquarter deprive us from our right to practice journalism naturally, as we are not able to reach the editing room or communicate with sources.


4- closing our office deprives Masralrabia's staff from taking their monthly salary, and threatens laying off more than 100 journalist, executives and workers.


5- Mr. Adel Sabry, the Editor-IN-Chief, has a long and known history of journalistic professionalism and integrity. His liberal affiliation is known to everyone, which refutes, in form and substance, the charges against him. We call for his immediate release, and dropping those charges which hurt first the image of Egypt among the world.


The patriotic roles played by Mr Sabry indicate the absurdity of charging him with "harming the national security".


The current Head of Egypt's Syndicate of Journalism and his predecessor's visits to Masralarabia, are considered a clear evidence against any clumsy accusation that the website is hostile to the state.


6- We remind that, according to law and regulations, there is no imprisonment on charges of publication, and that the Syndicate of Journalists is the body which has the authority to determine the professional mistakes.


7-we also remind that this raid comes after few hours of President Sisi' statements, in the wake of declaring his winning a second presidential term, that Egypt embraces everyone.



Such procedures hurt the presidential image, and makes the President appear as if he starts his second term by breaking our pens and pouring our inks.   We therefore call the president to intervene quickly to save the freedom of expression in this country.  

8- With regard to the fine imposed against Masralarabia by journalist Makram Mohamed Ahmed, Head of the Supreme Council of Media regulation, in light of translating a New York Times' report about the presidential election, we stress on our professional commitment and moral bias, and that our reference is the Egyptian law, so we demand to be investigated though a committee formed by the Syndicate of Journalists, stressing our commitment to the decisions they make and our full readiness for abiding by any outcome in accordance with the law and regulations.


9- We are looking forward to the solidarity of the Head of The Syndicate of journalists and its members, as well as opinion makers and those who love their homeland.


Our cause is fair, our demands are legitimate and our message is honest.


Best regards,


Editors of Masralarabia.



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